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Latin American Collection at USEK Library: Collection Highlights

This Guide Provides Access to Materials Available at USEK Library

Lebanese Expatriate Periodicals

USEK Library hold over 200 newspapers titles that are unique and were published abroad by Lebanese Expats. These titles have been collected throughout the history of USEK Library, as well as from generous donations.

Best Bet newspapers published in Latin America are :

Title Parallel Title Year Description
El-Diario Sirio Lebanes الجريدة السورية اللبنانية 1929-1966 Periódico de la Colectividad en Argentina
al-ʻUṣbah al-Andalusiyah  العصبة : مجلة أدب وفن 1935-1953-disc. Revista da Liga Andaluza de Letras Arabes
as-Salam السلام 1932-1936 Periódico de la Colectividad
O Livre Pensador القلم الحديدي 1918-1924 Diario de San Pablo Brasil
Jornal ABC أبجدهوز 1935-1937 Diario de San Pablo Brasil
La Union Arabiga الوحدة العربية 1940-1941 Revista, Director José Elydd, en idioma árabe
Renovacion الاصلاح 1929-1933 Revista Científica; Literaria y Social, Director George Sawaya
al-Haiat الحياة 1929-1930 Revista Cultural Director Jorge Assaf
Las Fuentes المناهل 1938 Revista Literaria Y Social, Director Elias Konsol
an-Neser النسر 1924 Revista  Histórica, satítica, y novelesca Director Simón Hamati 
Nueva - Vida الحياة - الجديدة 1963-1966 Revista Mensual ilustrada en árabe
La Salvacion الانقاذ 1985 Revista trimestral bilingüe castellano árabe, Director José Daher y Jorge Zaibac
al-Watan الوطن 2001 Diario d ela colectividad árabe
an-Nahda النهضة 1968 Diario d ela colectividad árabe (1 numero)
al-Muktataf المقتطف 1929 Diario árabe
al-Mursal المرسل 1914-1979 Revistal de el-Missionario Argentine
al-kustas القسطاس : جريدة لبنانية مستقلة 1938-1960-disc. Revista Lebanes, Director Juan Aun

Featured Periodicals


al-ʻUṣbah al-Andalusiyah

El Diario Sirio-Libanes




Newspapers Access

To protect and preserve USEK Library collections, Special Collections and Archival materials do not circulate, but are stored in our vaults, or available in digital forms.

To access materials from the Special Collections or Archives, please check this guide or contact our reference librarian at: