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USEK Library Lockdown Exit Strategy: Resuming Activities Phases

Resuming Activities Phases

To resume normal library activities, we will pass by the below phases:

Implementation of various services in a phased manner is essential to test and verify the safety of the activities undertaken in the previous phase. The transition from one phase to the next depends on the implementation of the material conditions, but also on the pandemic context.

A Three-phase calendar:

Phase 1 from 1 May to 05 June 2020

Public Services and Research

  • Remote Research help: continuing Remote research help, online sessions and workshops.
  • Drive-Thru service: requesting books online and picking them up from the security gate.
  • Document Delivery Services: ordering books chapters and articles from other libraries.
  • Preparation of spaces.
  • Bring-in the users one by one: individual appointments and time-framed schedules: (one user per day).
Phase 2 from 06 June to 16 July 2020

Public Services and Research

  • Continuation of services implemented in Phase 1.
  • Partial reopening of the premises to the public; Allow a fixed maximum number of users to enter: 15 simultaneous users with previous organized bookings by phone or email.
  • Access to limited equipment, workstations, Photocopier.
Phase 3 from 17 July 2020 until further notice

Public Services

Continuation of services implemented in Phases 1 and 2 until the pandemic will be over.