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Access USEK Library Special Collections and Archives: Home

USEK library Special Collections and Archives units are committed to providing open and equitable access to the Library’s historical records, to numerous digital collections, and to other valuable resources (rare books, manuscripts, newspapers, images etc.)

To protect and preserve USEK Library collections, Special Collections and Archival materials do not circulate, but are stored in our vaults, or available in digital forms. 


To access materials from the Special Collections or Archives please download, fill out, digitally sign and send the below form "Special Collections and Archives Request"  to

If you are a non-USEK user, please check our visitors policy.

Please note that at least 3 business days’ notice is required for processing requests.

After you submit your request, a staff member will e-mail you to confirm your appointment. Please do not visit the library until you have received this confirmation.

Physical collection access can only be accommodated during the Special Collections Reading Room opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-1p.m. & 2p.m.-4 p.m. 


1. Divisional staff will determine which materials can be made available for use and when surrogates must be used instead of originals.

2. Only items necessary for research such as papers, pencils, laptops without cases, are permitted in the Special Collections Reading Room.

3. Cameras and mobile phones are not allowed.

4. Personal items are subject to examination upon entering and leaving the Special Collections Reading Room.

5. For reproduction or publishing, the below Notice of intent to Publish Special Collections & Archival Materials from USEK Library should be filled and signed for approval.

6. Reproduction of Rare Books, manuscripts, newspapers, and archives housed at USEK Library should be accompanied by a credit line. Credit lines for film, television, and video may be run at the end of the program or presentation. 

Credit Format: Name or title of the item, Name of collection, Name of Center or Special Collections, USEK Library, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon.

7. One gratis copy of any publication resulting from extensive research in USEK Library materials should be offered to the Library.

8. In all cases, the USEK University Library only owns the physical item and therefore does not assume any responsibility for literary property, copyright, or any other legal issues involved in the publication and reproduction of items in its collections. In the case of both textual and visual materials (including photographs and works of art), it is the responsibility of the user to secure permission from the appropriate copyright holder.


Since USEK is a paperless community, we adopt Digital Signature. Please check the next tab to know how to place your Digital Signature in the PDF Document.