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Access USEK Library Special Collections and Archives: How to place your Digital Signature in PDF

How to place digital signature in your PDF Document

1. Open your PDF file.

2. Click on Fill & Sign in the Tools pane on the right, then choose Place Signature.

alt="fill & sign option"

3. A popup will open giving you several options; click Use a certificate and click Next

N. B.: If you already have scanned your original signature, you can select “Use an image”, browse the scanned copy and place it in the area where you would like your signature to appear.

alt="Use certificate option in place signature tab within fill and sign in PDF"

4. A new message appears; click on Drag New Signature Rectangle, and then drag out the area where you would like your signature to appear.

alt"drag new signature rectangle message"

5.  A popup will open; choose A new digital ID I want to create now then click Next.

alt="Create new digtial ID option"

6. You will receive a new message: choose Windows Certificate Store and then click Next.

alt="windows certificate store message"

7.  A form for identity information, will be opened to be filled out; fill it out and click Finish.

alt="Identity informaiton form"

8. The signature will be created, you can review it, change its standard appearance, and click Sign to digitally sign your document.

alt="Sign document preview"

9. The Digital signature will be placed in the area you dragged out before.

alt="screenshot on how appears the digital signature"

10. Your digital ID is stored in the Windows Certificate Store, so you can reuse it at any time. Or you can create a new ID as follows:

alt="Stored signature"