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EBSCO eBook Academic Collection : Cite / Permalink

a Guide to Using and Finding EBSCO eBooks

Citing eBooks

EBSCO provides citations for eBooks from the search result list (AMA, APA, Chicago, Harvard etc.). 

  • To grab a citation click on the Cite on the right of a search result and select from the available citation styles; you can either copy/paste the selected citation or export it into your preferred citation manager (EndNote, refWorks etc.)
  • Note: with any resource that provides citations, always double check to make sure formatting is correct. 

alt="Citation format menu within ebsco ebooks"



To make an item available at the e-learning platform, or save it or even share it with another user, follow the procedure below to create a permalink.

Please note, simply copying the URL from the browser will not work.

  • On the right of each eBook record, you will find Permalink; Click on it;
  • A URL appears on the top of the eBook record;
  • copy and paste the URL.

alt="screenshot of permalink of an ebsco ebook"

How to create a proxied link for off-campus access?

To make it accessible off-campus, add our ‘web proxy prefix’ to the beginning of the URL.
Our web proxy prefix is: