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Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Service: Place a Request

Check Library Resources for Availability

Before submitting a request, please check the library resources for availability.

Place a Request

If you wish to place a request, please make sure you read our ILL/DDS policy first, then complete the ILL/DDS request form.
To place a request, log in with your USEK credentials and fill out the ILL/DDS request form available in the library home page, under the section Interlibrary Loan Service.
If you forgot your USEK ID and password, please refer to the IT department.

alt="login page"

You will be redirected to the Book/Article request forms; Fill out these forms with the required information and submit them.

WIthin 3 working days, you will receive a notification from the resource sharing department informing you about the ILL/DDS process:

Availability of the requested item in the lending library; turnaround time, etc.

Book Request Form

* All fields marked (*) are mandatory

alt="book request form"

Article/Chapter Request Form

* All fields marked (*) are mandatory