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Latin American Collection at USEK Library: Overview

This Guide Provides Access to Materials Available at USEK Library


The Latin American Studies and Cultures Center (LASCC) of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) was established in 2010 with a succession of Gifts. The collections gathered by LASCC and hold by USEK Library are notable in the fields of culture, politics, economy, history as well as social and human sciences.

The Library has an impressive collection of Brazilian materials. The strength of the collection lies in the sizable numbers of works on Brazilian history, literature, and regional histories. Other collections of major importance are those representing Mexico, Haiti, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, and Colombia. Spanish and Portuguese literatures are also strongly represented.

The collections are divided by the continents of North America and South America, Central America and the Carribean.


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Collaborations / Collections

Biblioteca  Câmara de Comércio ÁrabeBrasileira – São Paulo Biblioteca Fundacion Ninawa Daher-Buenos Aires Embassies of Latin America in Lebanon
Biblioteca  Mário de Andrade – São Paulo Diario Sirio Libanés – Buenos Aires Assaad Yoessef Zaidan Collection 
Biblioteca Universidade de São Paulo – USP – São Paulo Misión Libanesa Maronita  – Buenos Aires Hyam Mallat Collection 
Clube Homs  - São Paulo Clube  Sirio Libanés – Buenos Aires Hicham Hamdan Collection 
Families :  Ary, Camasmie, Jafet Socedad Libanesa de Rosario-Rosario Roberto Khatlab Collection 
Family D Study Center (Duailibi) Centro Aregntino de Investigacion sobre la inmigracion Libanesa-CAIIL-Rosario  
Instituto da Cultura  Árabe – ICARABE – São Paulo