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Kamal S. Salibi: Book Chapters by Salibi

This guide provides access to primary sources and materials available at USEK Library. It serves as a starting point to find resources for searching the life of Kamal S. Salibi, publications about and by him, media, quotes etc..

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To get the full text of each item, either order the book or or ask for "Kamal S. Salibi Collection of Articles and Papers" available at Reading Room 1.

Book Chapters

"Living with Changing Times" In Franco-Arab Encounters: Studies in Memory of David C. Gordonedited by L.C. brown and

            M. S. Gordon, 155-178. Beirut: AUB Press, 1996.

"The Establishment of the Shaikhdom of Bahrain in Historical Perspectives". In Bahrain through the Ages: the History, edited

by A. al-Khalifa and M. Rice, 467-470. London: Kegan Paul, 1993.

"Mount Lebanon under the Mamluks". In Quest for Understanding: Arabic and Islamic Studies in Memory of Malcolm H. Kerr, edited by S. Seikaly, R. Baalbaki, and P. Dodd, 15-32. Beirut: AUB Press, 1991.

"The Maronite Experiment". In Conversion and Continuity: Indigenous Christian Communities in Islamic Lands, eighth to eighteenth centuries, edited by M. Gerves and R. J. Bikhazi, 423-433. Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, 1990.

"The West Arabian Topography of Genesis 14". In The Islamic World from Classical to Modern Times: Essays in Honor of Bernard Lewis, edited by C. E. Bosworth, C, Issawi, R. Savory, and A. L. Udovitch, 303-309. Princeton: Darwin Press, 1989.

"Historical Perspective". In Lebanon: A History of Conflict and Consensus, edited by N. Shehadi and D. H. Mills, 1-13. Oxford: Center for Lebanese Studies, 1988.

“The Tribal Origins of the Religious Sects in the Arab East”. In Toward a Viable Lebanon, edited by H. Barakat, 15-26.

             London: Croom Helm, 1988.

“The Two Worlds of Ass’ad Y. Khayat”. In Christians and Jews in the Ottoman Empire: The Functioning of a Plural Society,

             edited by B. Braude and B. Lewis, Vol. 2, 135-155. New York: Holmes and Meier Publishers, 1982.

“Hadramut: A Name with a Story.” In Studia Arabica et Islamica: Festshrift for Ihsan’ Abbas on his Sixtieth Birthday, edited by

             W. al-Qadi, 393-397. Beirut: AUB Press, 1981.

“Right and Left in Lebanon.” In The Contemporary Middle Eastern Scene: Basic Issues and Major Trends, edited by G. Stein

             and G. Steinbach, 97-103, Opladen: Leske/Budrich, 1979.

“Beirut Under the Young Turks as depicted in the Memories of Salim ‘Ali Salam (1868-1938).” In Les Arabes par leurs

             archives (XVIe-XXe siècles), edited by J. Berque and D. Chevallier, 193-215. Paris : CNRS, 1976.

“The 1860 Upheaval in Damascus as seen by al-Sayyid Muhammad Abu’l-Su’ud al-Hasibi, notable and later Naqib al-Ashraf

             of the city.” In Beginnings of Modernization in the Middle East: The Nineteenth Century, edited by W. R. Polk and R.

             L. Chambers, 185-202. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1968.

“Islam and Syria in the Writings of Henri Lammens.” In The Historians of the Middle East, edited by B. Lewis and P. M. Holt,

             330-342. London: Oxford University Press, 1962.

“The Traditional Histography of the Maronites.” In The Historians of the Middle East, edited by B. Lewis and P. M. Holt, 212-

             225. London: Oxford University Press, 1962.

"فخر الدين الثاني والفكرة اللبنانية." في أبعاد القومية اللبنانية. الكسليك، لبنان: جامعة الروح القدس، 1970. ص. 85-111.