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Kamal S. Salibi: Featured Quotes

This guide provides access to primary sources and materials available at USEK Library. It serves as a starting point to find resources for searching the life of Kamal S. Salibi, publications about and by him, media, quotes etc..

Salibi' Featured Quotes

“The fact that the Hebrew word 'adam', meaning 'man', is identical with Adam as the name of the father of Seth plays a fundamental role in fusing the three stories (Gen 2:7-3:24, 4:1, 4:25 and 5:1) in one.”― Kamal Salibi, خفايا التوراة وأسرار شعب إسرائيل

“Jesus was, if anything, far more useful than dangerous to the Romans.”― Kamal Salibi, البحث عن يسوع : قراءة جديدة في الأناجيل

"While there was much that could be said for Arabism as a valid national ideal, most of the Arabs who adopted it were tribal or quasitribal communities of different kinds, and also of different religions and sects, who had not undergone uniform social and civic development." ― Kamal Salibi, A House of Many Mansions

"No Arab country today need feel any guilt about accepting its actual existence as a wilful or unwilful departure from an Arab national historical norm. It is only when the Arabs succeed in ridding themselves of the highly idealized Arab nationalist vision of their past that they will be able to live together in the modern Arab world." ― Kamal Salibi, A House of Many Mansions

“Why did Paul, having experienced his revelations of Jesus as the Son of God, decide to go at once to Arabia instead of Jerusalem?”― Kamal Salibi, البحث عن يسوع : قراءة جديدة في الأناجيل