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Father Youakim Moubarac 1924-1995: Media

This guide provides access to primary sources and materials available at USEK Library. It serves as a starting point to find resources for searching the life of Father Youakim Moubarak, publications about and by him, media, quotes etc..

اجراس المشرق / الاب يواكيم مبارك

 الشامي، غسان. (2018، آب 18). أجراس المشرق | الأب يواكيم مبارك . الميادين. [Video file]. YouTube.

Michel Hayek et Youakim Moubarac

Fleyfel, Antoine (2012, Juin 7). Michel Hayek et Youakim Moubarac,Télé Lumière.  [Video file]. YouTube.

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