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Google Scholar Tips & Tricks: Setting up Email Alerts, Saving and Citing

Get the most from Google Scholar

Setting up Email Alerts for you Topic of Interest

Google Scholar allows you to set up alerts for new published papers that match your search criteria.

To set up an alert:

  • On Google Scholar Search page, enter your search term;
  • Click the envelope icon in the sidebar of the search results page;

alt="screenshot of create alert icon"

  • Set your preference for whether you want to receive up to 10 or 20 alerts per message;
  • Enter your email address, and click "Create alert";
  • You will receive an email to confirm that you want to set the alert.

alt="screenshot of Alert set up"

Saving Articles

My Library option in Google Scholar allows you to save articles directly from the search results page, organize them by topic, and search the full-text from within your library.  

To get started:

  • Sign in to your Google Scholar account;
  • Enter your search terms in the search page;
  • When you find the needed article, click on the Star icon below the citation;
  • The article will be automatically added to your library.

alt="screenshot of save item icon"

Organize your library by using Labels:

  • Once you have articles saved, go to My Library to view your saved items;
  • Select the Manage Labels button to add labels for different topics, groups, etc.

alt="screenshot of manage label"

  • To add an article to a label, click the article title, then select the desire label from the Labels drop-down menu and click Apply.
  • You can add multiple labels to any citation.

alt="screenshot of how to add an item to a label"

Citing from Google Scholar

You can import references from Google Scholar to RefWorks.

. You'll need to change your settings in Google Scholar to activate the citation import feature.

. Click the three horizontal lines in the top left corner;

. Click 'Settings', then scroll down to 'Bibliography manager'.

. Select 'Show links to import citations into RefWorks' , then save your settings.

alt="google scholar settings"

. Click on the Citealt="cite icon" icon or Import into RefWorks Button under the reference you wish to import.

Alt="import button or cite icon"

. A dialog box appears listing various reference styles.

. Click on 'Refworks' and the reference will be exported to your RefWorks account.

alt="dialog box listing various citation styles"