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Google Scholar Tips & Tricks: Connecting Google Scholar to USEK Library

Get the most from Google Scholar

Library Links Set up

Library links are article-level links to subscription full text for users affiliated with a library. This program works best for electronic resources, such articles, conference proceedings, etc.

How to set up Library Links?

1. On Google Scholar;

2. Go to hamburger icon (three horizontal lines); and select settings;

alt="screenshot of hamburger icon"

3. Select library links from the left side of the page;

4. A new screen appears where you can search for your library;

5. Use the search box to find your library; check the box(es) and hit save;

alt="library links screen screenchot"

Getting Full-Text from USEK Library

After setting-up the Library links;

1. Go to Google Scholar Search page;

2. Enter your search term;

3. Look for Get it @ USEK Library on the result list. When you see this option, just click on it to get the full text.

alt="screenshot from the result page for get it at usek"

4. For off-campus access, you will be prompted to authenticate that you are currently an enrolled student, faculty member, or staff;

5. Login with your USEK Credentials to be automatically transferred to the selected full-text.