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USEK Library Catalog: Find Theses / Dissertations

This guide explains how to search the catalog and how to renew and request items.

Advanced Search

To look up a thesis or dissertation in USEK Library catalog, go to the Advanced Search, search by keyword, author or title, and limit your search to "material type= dissertation/thesis."

Example below:

1. Go to Advanced Search and search for the author name;

2. Limit your search to Material Type: Dissertation/Thesis;

3. And click Submit.

4. You will be redirected to the bibliographic record of the searched item.

alt="thesis searching thru advanced search, with the fieled author"


If you are looking for a list of all thesis and dissertations submitted in a specific faculty.

1. Go to Basic Search, select the field Call number;

2. Enter the first two letters (with a period) of the call number assigned to your Discipline:

Mt.=Medicine Thesis / Mm.=Medicine Dissertation

At.=Agronomy Thesis / Am.=Agronomy Dissertation

Tt.=Theology Thesis / Tm.=Theology Dissertation

St.= Sciences Thesis / Sm.=Science Dissertation

Pt.=Philosophy Thesis / Pm.=Philosophy Dissertation

Lt.=Letters Thesis / Lm.=Letters Dissertation

Ht.=History Thesis / Hm.=History Dissertation 

Bt.=Fine Arts Thesis / Bm, =Fine Arts Dissertation

Dt.=Law Thesis / Dm.=Law Dissertation 

Ut.=Music Thesis / Um, Music Dissertation

3. And click Search;

4. You will be redirected to the list of items of the specific discipline that you searched for.


1. Type the call number you search for in the field Call Number;

2. Click Search;

3. To get an extended view of each item, click on Extended Display at the top bar.