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RefWorks: Add References to RefWorks

Export Reference to RefWorks

To export an individual reference

. Click on '...' and select 'RefWorks' from the drop-down menu;

alt="screenshot of export option within 3 dots at the right side of one search tool"

. A new page appears;

. Select 'Yes export to the newest version of RefWorks';

alt="screenshot of continue to refworks page"

. You will be redirected to the login page of your RefWorks account;

. Login with your RefWorks credentials;

. The exported reference will be added directly to your 'last imported' references list within RefWorks;

. Click 'ok' to see the imported reference.

alt="screenshot of last imported page in refworks showing the imported reference"

To export multiple references at the same time to RefWorks;

. Click on 'alt="folder icon"the folder icon' next to each reference you wish to export;

. Then click on the folder icon alt="folder icon" in the right top corner;

alt="Screenshot on how to export multiple reference from one search tool"

. A new box appears; click on the 'Export To' and select 'RefWorks' from the drop-down menu;

. All selected data will be exported to your RefWorks account;

alt="screenshot of export to refworks page when exporting multiple references"



The majority of our databases allow you to export references directly into your RefWorks account. 

We chose JSTOR as an example.

To export an individual reference

. Select the reference you want to export;

 . Click on 'Cite this Item';

 . A new window appears; click on 'Export to RefWorks' and your reference will be imported to the 'Last Imported Folder'   in your RefWorks account.

alt="screenshot of cite this item option in jstor to export references into refworks"

To export several references at once

. Select the references you want to export to RefWorks using the tick boxes next to each reference;

. Click on 'Export Selected Citations' at the top right side;

. Choose Export to RefWorks. Your references will be imported in to the 'Last Imported Folder' in your RefWorks account.

alt="screenshot of how to export several citation from jstor to refworks"

You can import references from Google Scholar to RefWorks.

. You'll need to change your settings in Google Scholar to activate the citation import feature.

. Click the three horizontal lines in the top left corner;

. Click 'Settings', then scroll down to 'Bibliography manager'.

. Select 'Show links to import citations into RefWorks' , then save your settings.

alt="screenshot of enable import citation into refworks in google scholar"

. Click on the Citealt="cite icon" icon under the reference you wish to import.

alt="screenshot of a reference which has a cite icon that export reference to refworks"

. A dialog box appears listing various reference styles.

. Click on 'Refworks' and the reference will be exported to your RefWorks account.

alt="screenshot of refworks option to be clicked in order to export data"

RefWorks can import references directly from websites by installing the 'Save to RefWorks' tool.

. Login to your RefWorks account and click on the 'Tools' icon  and select 'Tools' from the drop-down menu.

alt="screenshot of tools feature"

. Click on ‘Install Save to RefWorks’;

alt="screenshot from within tools to install save to refworks add-in"

. Place your cursor on alt="save to refworks button" button and drag it to your browser's favorites bar;

alt=screenshot of drag and drop save to refworks button"

 . Click the 'Save to Refworks' tab when you wish to save a webpage reference in your RefWorks account;

.  A new box appears on the right; scroll down and click 'save';

.  Your saved webpage will be imported to the 'last imported' list in your Refworks account.

alt="example of how to save a webpage into refworks by clickin on save to refowrks button in the bookmark"

. To add a reference to RefWorks, click the '+Add' tab; then click the 'Create new reference';

alt="screenshot of create new reference manually"

. A new box appears;

.  Fill out all the required fields to create a reference;

. Then click save;

. The reference will be created and imported to the 'Last Imported reference' list.

alt="screenshot of the form that appears to be field by the data of reference to be added manually"