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RefWorks: Store PDF's into RefWorks

Importing a PDF from a File

Importing a PDF from a file:

Open the RefWorks folder where you want to save the PDF        

1. Click +Add (Main Navigation Menu), then choose Upload Document;

2. This will open the files stored on your computer;

3. Click on the document that you want to import;

alt="screenshot for upload document button"

4. RefWorks will import the PDF and will automatically check the attached metadata; and it will link the PDF to the necessary fields to make a complete citation.

alt="uploaded data attached to the full reference screenshot"

Adding a PDF directly to a reference

Adding a PDF directly to a reference

1. Click on the title of the reference that you want to add the PDF to;

2. The reference full view will open on the right side;

3. Click on edit and scroll down;

alt="screenshot of edit column on the right hand side of reference"

4. Click on 'add an attachment';

5.  This will open your files stored on your computer.  Click on the PDF that you want to import;

6.  RefWorks will attach the PDF to the specified reference.

alt="screenshot of add an attachement option with a reference"

Adding PDF's to Refworks Tutorial

This video will show you how to add PDFs to the new version of RefWorks:

StFX Library. (2016, September 2). Adding PDFs to RefWorks [Video file]. YouTube.