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RefWorks: Read & Annotate Document

Reading & Annotating a Document

1. Reading the document

  • Read the document any time you are online and logged in to RefWorks by clicking on the 'Read' button.

alt="screenshot of the read button within refworks"

2. Highlighting and annotating documents

  • You can highlight text, annotate, and make notes on your stored documents.
  • While reading the document, from the top bar menu, you are able:

alt="top bar menu screenshot"

  • To highlight: Click on the highlighting icon Highlighting icon - white capital A on black square and select the text you want to highlight.
  • To highlight and annotate: Click on the annotate icon Annotation icon - black rectangular speech bubble and select the text of interest. This highlights the text and opens the annotation box. Comments are saved automatically as soon as you click outside the box.
  • To add, edit or remove highlighting and comments: Click on a highlight to see options for changing the colour scheme for highlighting, deleting, or adding comments. To delete a highlight, choose 'Delete conversation'.

alt="delete conversation button screenshot"