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RefWorks: Share a folder

Sharing a folder

RefWorks sharing Feature: allows you to share your collection with other RefWorks users. 

. To share a collection with other RefWorks users;

. Go to 'My Folders' and select the folder you want to share;

. Click the alt="3 dots icon" icon' next to the folder name and select 'Share folder';

. A new box appears;

alt="screenshot of how to share a folder within your institution"

. Type the email address of the person;

. Select the level of access for the person you're inviting:

  1. Can Read – view items and read documents.
  2. Can Annotate – view items, read and annotate documents.
  3. Can Modify – view/read/annotate documents, edit existing annotations, add documents, remove documents, and add a note to an item

. Add an 'optional message' and Click Done.

The person(s) you've invited will receive an email notification (also a notification inside their RefWorks account) where they can accept (or reject) the invitation.
Note: When you share a folder any sub-folders are also shared.

. To stop sharing a folder with other RefWorks Users:

. Go to 'Sharing'; select the folder to unshare; click the alt="3 dots icon" icon'; scroll down and click 'Sharing settings';

. You can now modify the previous settings or unshare the selected folder.

alt="screenshot of unshare folder"

Public Sharing: allows you to share a folder with people who do not have a RefWorks account

. To share a folder, click on 'Share' and select 'Share Folder' from the drop down menu;

alt="screenshot of share folder option"

. Select the folder that you wish to share;

. Click on 'Create Public URL' to generate a URL.

Note: Anyone with this URL will be able to see the content of this folder.alt="screenshot of create public url for public sharing"

. Click 'Copy URL' to share the link with public.

Note: to remove the public access to the folder, click 'Remove URL';

alt="screenshot of remove public sharing url"