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RefWorks: Create RefWorks Account

RefWorks account

To create a RefWorks account:

1. Go to USEK Library page - Electronic Resources list and choose RefWorks;

2. When the login page appears, select Create account

alt="screenshot from refworks sign up page to create account"

3. Sign-up with your USEK email address to be recognized as USEK member and get free access. Enter your USEK email in the field and click Check;

alt="screenshot from signup page requesting your institutional email"

4. Choose a password. Use at least 6 or more characters (only letters and numbers are allowed);

alt="screenshot from sign up page requesting a password"

5. An activation email will be sent to your USEK email; Click on the link to complete your registration and confirm your account;

Note: Check your spam/junk folder if this email doesn't appear in your inbox

alt="screenshot from the activation email sent to your account"

6. Once you click on the link in the activation email, you will be redirected to RefWorks to complete your profile (name, role, department affiliation etc.);

alt="screenshot from your profile form to be completed"

Note: USEK Library and USEK  IT Help Desk are NOT able to reset your RefWorks password.

To reset your RefWorks password:

1. Go to and click on Forgot your password?

alt="screenshot from refworks login page to reset password"

2. Enter your USEK email address, and click Continue. RefWorks will send an email with a link to your USEK email address to reset your RefWorks account password.

To delete your RefWorks account:

1. Login to your RefWorks account

2. Click on the arrow next to your name in the top navigation menu

3. Click on the Settings tab

alt="screenshot from settings to delete your account"

4. Scroll down to the bottom;

5. Click on Remove my RefWorks account tab.

alt="screenshot of remove my account tab"