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RefWorks: Create a Reference List

Creating a reference list

You can Copy and paste a reference list into your work by using 'Create Bibliography' feature

. Select the references you want to use;

. Click on the ' alt="citation icon" icon' and choose 'Create Bibliography' from the drop-down menu.

alt="screenshot of create bibliography"

Your list will be displayed in a default referencing style or the last citation style you used.

. To choose a style, click on the current style name, on the top menu bar, to display the search box;

. Search for and click on the referencing style you want to use; the bibliography will be automatically reformulated;

. After selecting the citation style, click on 'Copy to Clipboard' button to copy and paste the reference list into your document.

alt="screenshot from within create bibliography to choose citation style and copy to clipboard"

Creating a Bibliography with Refworks

This video demonstrates how to quickly and easily create a bibliography in the New RefWorks:

ProQuestRefWorks. (2016, September 12). Creating a bibliography with new RefWorks [Video file]. YouTube.