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RefWorks: Write-N-Cite


. Write-N-Cite is a plug-in that allows access to your RefWorks account from within Microsoft Word;
. Write-N-Cite allows you to cite references in your paper with just a click and your paper will instantly format in-text citations, footnotes and your bibliography;

. This plug-in installs a RefWorks tab in the Microsoft Word ribbon;
. With Write-N-Cite, working online or offline is seamless; no need to be connected to the internet.

. To install Write-N-Cite, download it from the 'Tools' menu in RefWorks. You will also need to ensure that your computer has the latest version of Microsoft Word, Java, and Visual Studios Tools for Windows.

Note that Write-N-Cite is not compatible  (Currently) with Word 2016 for Mac. If you are a Mac users with Word 2016 please refer to this guide.

Installing Write-N-Cite

Download and launch Write-N-Cite

‚Äč1. Download Write-N-Cite from your RefWorks account here, OR click 'Tools, in the main navigation menu; select 'tools' tab and scroll down to choose 'Cite in Microsoft Word';

2. Select your Pc' version and click 'Download and install';

alt="screenshot of download and install write n cite plug in"

3. Once the installation is done, open MS Word; 'RefWorks ribbon' appears in the top toolbar;

4. Wihtin the ribbon, select 'Log In' to log into RefWorks. Synchronizing data with your RefWorks account may take a few moments, especially on your first login.

alt="screenshot of refworks ribbon in microsoft word and login option"

5. To select the citation style to use in your document; select 'Style'; scroll down and choose the style to be applied.

alt="screenshot of select your citation style within refworks ribbon in microsoft word"

Using Write-N-Cite

When you open Word, if you did not log out after your last session, you are still logged in. If not, select 'Log In' from the 'RefWorks ribbon' to log into RefWorks.
. To manually force a synchronization with RefWorks, select 'Sync My Database'.

To add or edit a citation:
  1. To create a citation, select 'Insert Citation'; then click' Insert New'. To edit, double-click the citation. In either case, the Insert/Edit Citation pane appears.

alt="screenshot of insert citation option within refworks ribbon in microsoft word"

2. Select the reference to add; a preview of the formatted citation appears in the 'Preview Citation' box.

alt="screenshot of insert and edit citation option"

3. If you want to edit a reference, you can use the below options:

  • Hide the publication year
  • Hide the author name
  • Add text before the reference (Prefix)
  • Add text after the reference (Suffix)
  • Hide the reference and only have the bibliography entry
  • Hide page numbers (Suppress Pages)
  • Add page numbers (Override Pages)

4. Select OK to insert or save the selected references. 

alt="screenshot of preview citation to add or edit before inserting citation"

To insert a bibliography that includes all Write-N-Cite managed entities in your document


. Go to the 'Refworks' ribbon in MS word;
. To insert a bibliography, select 'Bibliography Options'; then click 'Insert Bibliography'.